Can DraftKings Detect VPN: What You Need to Know

By Daily Fantasy Focus

September 28, 2021

DraftKings is a hugely popular site for DFS and sports betting fans. Its mix of intuitive UI, combined with many markets, makes it quite a fun experience. However, not everyone has easy access to it due to state laws. You can use a VPN. But will DraftKings know? This guide will cover whether DraftKings can detect VPN connections.

DraftKings does have its tracking software. So, the chances are that they can detect it. Users can still access DraftKings using reputable and high-security VPNs. But it would help if you were careful, as withdrawing your winnings can be a hassle.

That is only a brief overview. Let’s dive into a bit more detail. I am sure the curious minds amongst you might also be wondering why you need to use a VPN for DraftKings in the first place and why it is blocked in some areas.

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Why Might You Need To Use VPN With DraftKings?

The reason comes down to gambling laws. The federal law does not stop anyone from playing on sites like DraftKings. However, state laws might vary. And that is where the problem is.

Each state might have different laws regarding DraftKings. And if you are somewhere outside the US, where DraftKings is not supported, you might also need to use a VPN. The world of DFS and sports betting is a bit complex.

DraftKings has expanded in more countries. Users from there can access DraftKings without any worry and without needing a VPN. But you might need to in certain places. So, does DraftKings recognize VPN?

Please note, that this article is for educational purposes only. Using a VPN to gamble outside of a state where gambling is illegal may be punishable by law.

Can DraftKings Detect VPN?

DraftKings does have some technology in place to detect any changes in locations. It may detect strange location behaviors in your account. But mostly, you can play on DraftKings with the help of a VPN.

The DNS leak test is a very cool feature all good VPNs have (and one you should look for). It is a way to check whether a website can detect your location.

This works because the VPN you use will connect to its servers and then connect you to the internet. This is a straightforward way of explaining what happens, but basically, this is what it is. VPNs allow you to change your location effectively.

At least technically. You do not need to move your physical location. You may be in Arizona while your VPN makes it seem like you are actually in California. Pretty cool stuff, isn’t it? What do you do with this, then? Well, it essentially means that you can choose a state where DraftKings is not blocked and play from there.

The same can be said if you are outside the US. Maybe you live in a state where DraftKings is allowed. But you’re on vacation in a country other than the United States, where it isn’t. You are not out of luck in situations like these. You can use a VPN and access your account.

Note: There is an essential thing to note, though. You should never use a VPN if it is illegal to play DraftKings where you live. In some cases, sites like DraftKings will not be unlawful but will still be blocked. These instances are acceptable. But avoid using a VPN if DraftKings and similar locations are illegal.

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What Do You Need to Know About Using VPN For DraftKings?

Claiming your winnings might be a hassle if you use a VPN. This leads me to believe that DraftKings may be able to detect VPN usage. This is because if you wish to withdraw a large sum of money, the site may ask to prove your location.

You can mitigate this risk, though. One way is to play through servers where paid contests are permitted without any problems legally. Another scenario is when you live in a state where DraftKings and paid contests are available, but you are on vacation.

The country you visited might not have access to DraftKings. In those cases, it can be perfectly okay to access the site using a VPN. In this case, you can select the server where you originally live since DraftKings is accessible there in the first place.

How To Choose A VPN For DraftKings?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is going around and choosing whichever VPN came up first when you searched for it. That is a big no-no. Although there is a chance that an excellent reputed VPN might show up, you shouldn’t take the opportunity.

Your priority when choosing a VPN should be security. This is a must-have feature. Without exceptional and top security features, the original point of using a VPN is useless. So, look for one that gives you robust security.

Since DraftKings also has tracking software, you need one that can fool both it and hackers. Your DraftKings account will have payment information linked with it. The last thing you want is this information falling into the wrong hands.

4 VPNs To Choose From

Here are the top 4 VPNs you can try out to make things a little easier for you. All of these are super secure and provide great features. And since they are big names, the UI is very intuitive and easy to use.


The first pick is ExpressVPN. This one has not been on the market for that long. But within a short time, it has garnered a good reputation for itself and has attracted a loyal fan base. A cool feature is its split tunneling feature.

With it, you can choose to filter out specific apps from the VPN. This makes all the sense in the world since you might not want all apps and browsers to go through the VPN.

And it has all the usual VPN features as well. You can access region-specific streaming sites and more. There is a robust privacy feature built-in as well.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

With PIA, you can connect to servers worldwide and get first access to apps, games, and other things. You need to be in the right place at the right time, though. So, that is something you need to keep in mind.

It even has extensions for browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The UI is one of the most intuitive I have seen so far. The home screen is clean with a big giant green switch. Toggle that, and you are instantly connected to one of PIA’s servers.

Nord VPN

When talking about VPNs, you cannot forget to check out NordVPN. They have been in the game for a while and have built up quite a reputation. And it also has DNS leak tests, which are super cool and essential.

It lets you stream content from other countries. And this is one of Nordvpn main selling points. Along with its robust security features, of course. The UI is feature-rich and also pretty easy to use.

You can choose from a lot of different servers. Nord VPN is one of the powerhouses in the VPN scene.


Lastly, there is CyberGhost. Media companies sometimes tend to limit sports viewing to particular areas. With CyberGhost, you can easily bypass that. The security features are great as well.

Honestly, all the VPNs I mentioned here actually have pretty good security features. They do the basics right. So, no matter which one you choose from, you will end up with a solid choice. CyberGhost has a lot of servers located in the US as well. So, you can choose one where DraftKings is not blocked and access your account from there.


So, can DraftKings detect VPN? They do have tracking software, but you can access the site with VPNs still. Just make sure to use it legally.

Do not use a VPN if sites like these are illegal where you live. And also, keep the hassles of using a VPN in mind. Thank you for stopping by!

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