Do Real Football Players Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

By Daily Fantasy Focus

February 24, 2022

The popularity of the Daily Fantasy Sports platforms has added some new dimensions to the football game. Now, DFS has enabled people across the world to be an active part of the game. The relationship between real football games and DFS is so intense that many ask, do real football players earn from daily fantasy sports?

According to NFL rules, players in the National Football League can earn only up to $250 by participating in DFS contests. But it is reported that most NFL players secretly earn a lot more than that by playing fantasy football. However, there is no restriction for NFL players to make money from DFS by campaigning for them in their advertisement campaigns. 

This article sheds light on the involvement of National Football League players with different Daily Fantasy Sports entities.

It explains how an NFL player can make an income from DFS platforms. The article also mentions the concerns of some stakeholders who think it is not ethical for the NFL or its players to be a part of fantasy games.

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Can Real Football Players Advertise Daily Fantasy Sports?

Many stakeholders believe that the NFL authorities and players should keep a distance from daily fantasy sports to maintain the integrity of the game. But the reality is that neither the authorities nor the players feel the same way.

There is no restriction for DFS providers to make campaign agreements with a single NFL player or the NFL Players Association.

The Procedure 

If any DFS platform wants to hire an NFL player, they can directly sign a contract to get him in their advertisements. Moreover, the DFS provider can also make arrangements with NFL Players Inc., a licensing and marketing arm of the NFL Players Association.

A few years ago, DraftKings, the leading DFS provider, made a big contract with NFL Players Inc. Following the agreement, some top-rated NFL players appeared in different marketing campaigns for DraftKings. In that season, DraftKings alone spent more than $140 million on advertisements that had the presence of NFL players.

Some Other Agreements

The collaboration between NFL players and different DFS platforms goes way back. DraftKings also had an advertisement deal with New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski. 

Other daily fantasy sports platforms also have agreements with different NFL players for advertisements.

A popular DFS provider, FantasyDraft has had commercial campaign deals with NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees and Andy Dalton. Another DFS platform, MVP, had agreements with the NFL Players Association and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The Criticism

Many stakeholders in the sports world do not like the idea of real football players having active roles as promoters of fantasy football entities. They think it belittles the image of the football game. Critics fear that people will start to believe that the most popular game in the USA is a part of a betting process. 

Major stakeholders of college athletics still fight hard to keep DFS entities away from their game. No player is allowed to get involved with DFS advertisements.

They even forbade advertisements for DFS platforms from appearing during their game’s televised broadcast. Whereas the NFL is getting more attached to daily fantasy sports with time.

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Do Real Football Players Earn From Daily Fantasy Sports?

The rules of the National Football League prohibit football players from participating in gambling or any other money-related contests. But this rule is not enough to restrain football players from DFS. First of all, it is still a matter of controversy whether participating in DFS is gambling or not. And there is no specific rule that mentions DFS as forbidden for players. 

The $250 Limit

So, according to regulations, NFL players can participate in daily fantasy sports. However, they are not allowed to earn a lot of money from the game. According to SI, the maximum amount an NFL player can make from any competition is $250. The rule does not apply only to the players of the NFL. Coaches, executives, and all other staff members of the NFL have to abide by the same regulation.

The rule aims to prevent any conflict of interest in the game since an NFL player or any other staff member has preferential access to information. And the data could give him some unfair advantages in DFS contests. So, legally, an NFL player can play DFS but is not entitled to earn more than $250 from the game. 

The Controversy

However, many critics think the rule of the NFL to let the players play only to earn $250 is ambiguous. Firstly, it is hard to understand why Daily Fantasy Sports is not a form of gambling.

If gambling is prohibited for the players, so should DFS contests. Because, like in any other form of gambling, you have to anticipate a future outcome and bet money on it in DFS.

Secondly, it is possible to play DFS without revealing your identity. So, how can you prevent any player from betting on DFS if he is playing anonymously? And if he is betting on his own game, how can you resolve the conflict of interest? Besides, the main attraction of DFS contests is the monetary benefit. Is it possible for any player to play for only up to $250 and stop right there?

The Reality

Officially, the NFL officials or the players may say something else. But most NFL players play on different DFS platforms. You cannot accuse them of it because they do not use their real identity while playing DFS. It has now become an open secret. The NFL authorities seem indifferent to the situation as long as it remains hidden from the public eye.

There are two reasons for NFL players to hide their DFS activities. First, they know that many consider DFS a form of gambling, which is still a social taboo. Players want to keep themselves away from controversies. The main reason for the cover-up is the extra income and excitement of daily fantasy sports. 

Do Real Football Players Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

For the record, you will not find too many National Football League players enlisted in any of the daily fantasy sports platforms. Most NFL players will deny any involvement in DFS. But do not take the official statements seriously.

NFL players want a long career without controversies. By admitting involvement in DFS, they fear criticism from different quarters.

25% Of NFL Players Bet On DFS

Famous sports reporter Adam Caplan once reported that one-fourth of the NFL players he interviewed anonymously admitted participating in Daily Fantasy Sports. Adam believes the number of NFL players participating in DFS events increases significantly each year. If the statement is even close to reality, it is a shame for the NFL.

NFL player of the Dallas Cowboys Ken Bishop was once asked- how many NFL players participate in Daily Fantasy Sports? Though Ken could not give any particular number, he guessed that about half of the NFL players actively play fantasy football. “I think people play but don’t talk about it,” were the exact words of Ken Bishop. 

Final Words

The main aim of any sport should be the entertainment of the players and the people. As the authority of the biggest North American game, the NFL should make sure that nobody can dare question the transparency and accountability of the sport. 

I hope this article has succeeded in answering your question- do real football players earn from daily fantasy sports? Thank you for reading all the way to the end!

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