Can You Play Daily Fantasy Sports From Outside The US?

By Daily Fantasy Focus

February 24, 2022

Daily fantasy sports are growing fast all over the world. New fantasy sports platforms are rising to the occasion periodically. But most fantasy sports platforms are US-based. So enthusiasts around the world, or even US residents when traveling, have this burning question in their minds: can you play daily fantasy sports from outside the US?

You can play daily fantasy sports from outside the US using a VPN as long as the region you are in legally allows fantasy sports. If you are in a region where fantasy sports are prohibited, using a VPN can get you into legal trouble. So first, be sure of your local laws.

Gambling is a severe offense in various regions, so that fantasy sports can get you in serious trouble. So, a thorough understanding of how things work outside the US is crucial. I will focus on exactly these issues, so don’t skip anything until the end.

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Can You Play Fantasy Sports In Other Countries Other Than The US?

There is a legal dilemma about fantasy sports. As a result, where you can play is determined by local laws. Some countries consider fantasy sports gambling. So, in those countries, whether you can play or not depends on the laws regarding gambling.

If they issue a gambling license, you can play with it. If they don’t tolerate gambling, then there is no way to play.

Some countries demand special licenses as the authorities don’t issue gambling licenses but are lenient about daily fantasy sports.

You can play daily fantasy sports in many countries outside the US. Let’s take a look at some countries and their perspective on daily fantasy sports:

Not Regulated

Not regulated means that the authorities don’t consider daily fantasy sports gambling. You can play fantasy sports daily or seasonally. If the country you are in regulates gambling but doesn’t consider fantasy sports gambling, you can play without any license or prior permission.

The following are countries where authorities do not regulate daily fantasy sports:

Europe: Austria, Lithuania, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Sweden, Latvia, Germany, Greece, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, and Romania.

Asia: China, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

America: Aruba, Belize, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Venezuela Nicaragua, Bermuda, Suriname, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominican Republic Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Grenada, Trinidad, and Tobago.

Requires Gambling License

The term is pretty self-explanatory. Some countries treat fantasy sports as gambling, falling under gambling regulation laws. You can participate in daily fantasy sports with a valid license from the proper authorities. Everything is regulated in such countries, sports betting, gambling, fantasy sports, etc. Here are some countries where fantasy sports are regulated:

Europe: Belgium, Finland, France, Finland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Russia Estonia, Hungary, and Slovenia.

Asia: Australia, Philippines, and Thailand.

America: Canada, Guadeloupe, USA (not all states), and Argentina.

Requires Special License

Some countries consider gambling and anything related to it illegal. After obtaining a special license from a specific authority, you can participate in fantasy sports.

Playing fantasy sports without a license is unlawful and can result in a fine or time in jail. A few countries where fantasy sports require a special license, such as the UK, Italy, Denmark, etc.

You cannot play DFS in countries like Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries that strictly prohibit gambling under Islamic laws.

In countries where gambling is not permitted, the authorities don’t usually consider fantasy sports gambling, so you can play if you are a resident there. These countries include Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.

If you are in a legal territory outside the US, you can play by using a VPN. But to make deposits and withdrawals, you must be present in one of the states where daily fantasy sports are legal.

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Can You Play DFS From All Over The USA?

In the USA, there are different laws in every state. Some state laws deem fantasy sports legal, while others consider them illegal. However, most states in America, 45 to be specific, allow fantasy sports. The five states that have not legalized fantasy sports yet are Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Among these five states, Washington, Hawaii, and Idaho are the strictest about fantasy sports, gambling, sports betting, etc. One thing to know is that in the 45 states where fantasy sports are legal, not all fantasy sports platforms operate in all of them. For example, Yahoo Sports is not available in Alabama, despite fantasy sports being legal.

Alabama residents can play on other platforms such as FanDuel, DraftKings, etc. Similarly, FantasyDraft isn’t available in Arizona, despite Arizona legalizing daily fantasy sports.

The legality of daily fantasy sports is a controversial topic. The controversy is that fantasy sports have some similarities to gambling. Both involve money; the losing party pays the winning party in both cases; both parties have to enter with a specific payment amount; and both parties have the chance to win more money than the initial fee, etc.

However, there are also tons of differences. Unlike slot machines or sports betting, the player doesn’t have to depend on luck here blindly. Players’ skills play an essential role in the outcome. The skills include knowledge about the specific sport, top-performing players, and recent performances.

Also, fantasy sports don’t depend on the specific result of one game. Instead, there’s a point system that relies on real players’ performances on the field. This is a unique aspect of fantasy sports. Due to skill and game knowledge, many states and countries exempt fantasy sports from gambling laws.

However, many countries focus considerably on the fact that fantasy sports involve earning and losing money and so consequently ban them, despite fantasy sports having a lot of distinct features from gambling.

What If You Play DFS From A Region Where It’s Illegal?

If you are bold enough to participate in daily fantasy sports from somewhere illegal, you might have to face problems from two sides, first from the fantasy sports platform. Some platforms allow their users to use VPNs, while others don’t. The latter may result in a permanent ban on your account.

They may also ban your hardware. You have to obtain new hardware and credentials to be eligible to play again. You can open an account using your friend’s credentials with his permission, but this is also an offense. If the platform catches you, you will be banned again.

The second problem you will face will come from the state or region. Fantasy sports are illegal there. Because you broke the law, your punishment will depend on the law. It can be a cash penalty or imprisonment for a short time.

If you are in a different country, you can get deported to your own country and subsequently get permanently blacklisted in that country.


Daily fantasy sports are very exciting, and once you are in it, it’s hard to stay off it, even for one day. Plus, if you are in a country with no established fantasy sports platform, it’s hard to fight the temptation. Proper information and direction can guide you in such a situation, and I believe this article could do that for you. Happy playing!

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