How To Delete A Contest In DraftKings League

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January 21, 2023

Suppose you’re a newcomer to DraftKings League, or you don’t have that much experience with the platform. In that case, navigating and using certain aspects can be challenging. This is especially true when managing and deleting contests, so this comprehensive guide will surely help you.

When it comes to deleting a contest In DraftKings League, it’s impossible to do manually. Contests will only be deleted automatically if they have been canceled for two consecutive weeks. However, you can create your own league and act as the commissioner, allowing you to delete the league.

Is It Possible To Delete A Contest In DraftKings?

Delete A League

Let’s say you’ve created a contest in DraftKings League. Yet, you’ve made the mistake of limiting the total number of participants in your league too low, and more people want to join. 

However, you want to let more people join and not waste money, but you’ve also found that you can’t delete a contest.

Suppose you’ve ever found the experience of attempting to delete a contest in DraftKings League confusing or downright impossible. In that case, the truth is that the platform doesn’t enable you to do so. The developers of DraftKings League have not clarified this to fans.

Most developers of DraftKings League have stated on Twitter and on other social media platforms that a player can’t delete a contest manually themselves. So, your best hope for deleting a contest in DraftKings League is really to wait.

That may seem simple, but it’s the only true answer. Most players of DraftKings League have found that a contest will be automatically deleted within two weeks of being set up if it has been canceled for two consecutive weeks.

However, this is also dependent on another thing. That is if the contest hasn’t been filled to its limit, which is hard to manage if you’re in a more significant league than most players.

In that case, the contest might be resized if it didn’t fill up to the intended number of participants by the start time.

However, this is only because the final number of participants is less than twenty. You might be lucky if the contest is non-resizable, whereby, in that case, the contest will be closed, and all members’ entrance fees will be fully refunded.

Other Related Questions

Since these are often asked questions asked by players when it comes to participating in DraftKing’s League, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some valuable answers and guides to further assist you.

Is It Possible To Delete A League In DraftKings?

Unlike deleting a contest within DraftKings League, which is almost impossible manually, deleting a league is much more straightforward.

However, this is also dependent on whether you are the commissioner of the league or not. Members of a league who are not the commissioner of their league can’t delete a league.

Fortunately, suppose you are the league’s commissioner. In that case, you can begin deleting the league on PC by first going to the page of the contest lobby of your league.

Then you will find the option of Delete League, which you can click on to delete. 

How Do You Create A League?

Creating your league on DraftKings League is quite a straightforward process. First, you will need to send an invitation to join your friends via text message, tweet, etc. 

If they decide to join and you have reached the limit of participants, which is 200, you, as the commissioner of the league, can then give it a name. And now you and your friends are ready to run and enter contests.

Do You Always Need To Pay A Fee To Enter A Contest?

It might surprise you if you’re a new user of the DraftKings’ league platform. Still, you can enter some contests without paying an entrance fee beforehand. 

This is one of the best aspects of the platform, which lets you explore it at your own pace. Plus, some of these contests will even offer actual cash as prizes.

However, most contests charge a nominal fee of around one or five dollars to make the team and enter the contest. Although, this type of paid entry means you’ll be able to access more contests with bigger cash prizes. 

In fact, some contests can have rewards reaching up to one million dollars in cash.

The typical rule is that the higher the overall cash prize is, the higher the entrance fee will be, with some of the most expensive entry fees ranging from one thousand dollars to several thousand dollars.

Overall, DraftKings League is a platform that can reward a high risk with an even higher reward. Hence, it’s essential to consider this fact when you enter a contest.

How Can I Leave A League In DraftKings?

If you are at a point where you want to exit from a league, you can do so quickly on both PC and mobile browsers.

On the Android DraftKings League mobile app, you need to click on the league you want to exit, select the logo with three stripes on the top right, and tap on member settings.

It’s a similar process for those who prefer to play on the iOS app; all you have to do to leave is to head to the Leagues Section, scroll left to the league you intend to leave, and then choose the Member Settings option.

For those who play on the browser, you will need to head over to the league you are leaving, tap on Settings in the top-right and choose the Quit League option.


So, now that you’re informed about DraftKings League’s policy towards deleting a running contest, it will make gameplay and management of your league’s contests easier for you. You’ve also come to find out that participating in a contest doesn’t always have to cost a lot to join!

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