12 Reasons Why DraftKings Is So Popular

By Daily Fantasy Focus

January 21, 2023

DraftKings is one of the leading DFS sites in the United States. When getting into sports betting, you will likely consider DraftKings your first option because of its high popularity. DraftKings even beats its rival company – FanDuel – in several aspects of the company. But what makes DraftKings so popular? 

DraftKings is popular because it offers an easy-to-use and functional app, various betting options, instantly updated lines, online casino games, an excellent bonus strategy, a seamless transitioning platform, and is highly similar to gambling. It also thrived in 2020 when the world shut down.

From a business and player’s perspective, investors and customers can benefit from DraftKings with its all-around fascinating concept, ease of use, and money-making concept.

There are many reasons why DraftKings is so popular, and we discuss XX of those reasons in the following list. 

1. DraftKings Has A Seamless and Functional App 

The DraftKings app makes it significantly easy to use. The layout and functionality are unmatched, and it is easy to navigate through the sportsbook’s different props.

Everything on the platform is clearly labeled, so you do not struggle to find any information you want or access specific actions. 

2. DraftKings Offers Variety 

One of the aspects that many users love quickly becomes a reason they prefer the sportsbook over others is the variety of everything available.

From the range of sports to various contests, there are several options. DraftKings also has a large player pool making it more attractive and exciting for users looking for specific players. 

3. DraftKings Has Instantly-Updated Lines 

why draftkings is so popular

The DK sportsbook is well-known for providing instantly updated lines, which appeals to most users.

It is also something many users prefer because it lets them stay informed about the latest odds and point spreads for the games and matchups they might be interested in. 

It is crucial when you plan to place a bet closer to the start of a game. The lines can change significantly as time for the game approaches and more people place bets.

Keeping track of the latest lines means you better understand the relative value of your bets and make more informed decisions on which bets to place. 

4. Online Casino Games On DraftKings 

DraftKings has an entire section on their platform where you can access online casino games. There are over 300 games, including the classics everyone loves, like Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots. Poker, Craps, and more.

You won’t find these games anywhere else, and that’s why it is such a hit on DraftKings. The sportsbook tends to attract many people only for DraftKings exclusive casino games. 

Casino games are not only popular on DraftKings for being exclusive and online. They are also easy to access, and you can enter using funds from your account. If you win, you receive your payout; if you lose, it is a forfeit. 

5. DraftKings Has An Existing Player Database 

The platform is a fan favorite because of its existing player database. Users look for ease of use, functionality, and variety, and DraftKings provides all of that, including the database.

This makes it super simple to find what you need and has backup information, making decision-making around betting quicker and easier. 

6. Excellent Bonus Strategy 

Not only are users attracted to DraftKings for various reasons, but business people like investors also take a keen interest in the company.

The sportsbook hits high revenues, and one of the reasons for that is its brilliant bonus strategy.  

DraftKings has a system where users can join, make deposits, and receive bonuses. This strategy motivates more people to join and deposit funds. The company makes a lot of its earnings from that. 

7. Using DraftKings Is Competitive

For the person who enjoys a good gamble on occasion, or those gambling addicts who can’t always get to a casino, DraftKings is the perfect solution.

People can sit in the comfort of their homes, workplace, or coffee shop and have a form of gambling at their fingertips. 

DraftKings sportsbook is set up with a system close to gambling. Considering the online casino section alone, it boils down to legally gambling through your device.

The concept gives DraftKings a high status in the fantasy sports betting world and motivates people to join. 

8. DraftKings Thrived During The Year 2020 

DraftKings got a lot of fame in 2020 when they announced their reverse merger with the public-traded shell company Diamond Eagle.

The company acquired many benefits from the deal, including becoming the preeminent player in the legalized sports wagering space.

In essence, the fact that DraftKings went ahead and announced it in 2020 became a level in the news that no one expected. 

The world shut down in 2020. Many businesses closed down, and others who were to launch or announce new deals were held back because of the global situation.

It meant a bad time for business. DraftKings, technically the “Kings” of risk-taking, pulled a page out of their own book and went public. They then had a surge in business and reported a revenue increase. 

9. DraftKings Has Flexibility 

One of many things that increases DraftKings popularity because other sportsbooks can’t request a refund on certain bets by specific periods.

This gives flexibility to users. In other aspects, DraftKings also provides flexible choices on how you can play your fantasy sports bets. It has adjustable game positions and yardage bonuses, giving players leeway. 

DraftKings is also accessible to players of all skill levels, whether you are a pro at sports or understand games well or not.

It is also easy to track your progress on the platform, which makes competing against other players simpler. 

10. DraftKings Does Extensive Advertising 

DraftKings put out many excessive advertisements in the past. The public saw them everywhere, from television ads to social media; they would pop up more than people liked, leading to many complaints.

But by then, everyone knew what DraftKings was and that it existed. It became of the most popular fantasy sports betting platforms. 

11. DraftKings Lets You Sub Out Players 

Unlike other sportsbook platforms, DraftKings let you sub out players right before game time. After you place a bet and notice changes on the lines, for example, you can choose to adjust.

This is a great option and makes or breaks reasons for many users because it can majorly impact your gameplay and final result. Most people learn about this option and admire the availability. 

12. DraftKings Crown System 

DraftKings is known for its crown system. The platform has a crown icon at the top right, which shows your points.

You get these crown points as you bet or do specifically required missions. The points are redeemable for bets and can be used on the DraftKings marketplace (similar to Amazon). 


DraftKings is famous for several reasons and is often the most favored sportsbook platform because of these aspects. They have created a name for themselves by providing an excellent online app, ease of use, flexibility, variety, and more. It is one of the leading fantasy sports betting companies.

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