Learn the Newest Fantasy Football Formats – Pick’em & Best Ball

By Daily Fantasy Focus

August 16, 2022

The start of the football season also marks the beginning of Fantasy Football. Each year the end of August or the beginning of September begins not only the start of the NFL football season but also the start of Fantasy Football.

According to the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, more than 48 million people play fantasy football yearly. It is big business. Statista states in 2019, the revenue received from fantasy sports in the U.S. was $8.48 billion. Much of that goes to those that have placed highest with their Fantasy Football teams.

It is not too late to learn if you have never been involved in Fantasy Football. We will give you the tools and insights to help anyone, regardless of their experience, learn how to play Pick’em in Underdog Fantasy.

Today, there are more and more ways to play Fantasy Football, whether you are interested in playing the traditional game or one of the newer games such as Best Ball and Pick’em. These new formats have gained a lot of online interest because even those that don’t have deep knowledge of the football league and individual players can play and be successful.

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What Is Underdog Fantasy Football?

Underdog Fantasy Football is a non-traditional fantasy football league that offers Best Ball and Pick’em contests. It utilizes a format that enables the individual to draft 18 players at the beginning of the season. Each week, the players with the highest score become your starters.

There are no trades, waivers, or lineup settings allowed. There is no mid-season management, and it is a great option for those that enjoy the draft process. The structure used by Underdog Fantasy Football is called Best Ball.

How Best Ball Is Different From Traditional Fantasy Football

Underdog Fantasy Football Best Ball

Playing Best Ball Fantasy Football differs from traditional teams, and some purport to enjoy it more or find it easier to play than other formats.

Here is how Best Ball differs from regular fantasy football:

  • There is no player movement after the initial draft, meaning no trades, free agency, drops, or another activity is allowed.
  • The players you draft in best ball will remain on your team.
  • You don’t have to pre-set your weekly lineup as the best possible lineup is automatically chosen.
  • There are no mock drafts.
  • Best Ball enables new users to learn to understand the game and its theory.

Now that we’ve identified the difference, let’s explore why so many people opt to become involved in new ball fantasy football instead of the traditional game.

Learn To Play Best Ball Fantasy Football

If you are playing fantasy football, your goal is to win. Since the rules and format are different from regular fantasy football, those playing new ball need to understand the differences and strategize to be successful.

Most people that enjoy fantasy football find the most exciting day of the season is draft day. Parties are held to celebrate draft day and the anticipation of the upcoming football season.

Best Ball focuses on the draft. If you are familiar with the players on draft day, that is the only thing you need to know.

You pick your players and then enjoy seeing how the season plays out. Your player roster will remain the same, so if you choose a killer lineup, it can be forgiving if you lose players due to injury or if your starting lineup doesn’t live up to expectations. Choosing your initial lineup is critically important.

Tips and Strategies:

  • Once the draft is over, and players are chosen, the lineup is locked in. It is extremely important to choose well.
  • The Best Ball Sit and Go format enables the winning team to advance until week 16.
  • The opening round goes from week one through week 13; rounds 2, 3, and 4 are played in weeks 14, 15, and 16.
  • Bye Weeks: Balance the roster considering upcoming bye weeks.
  • Multiple Entries: This requires you to do nothing but hit enter after completing the draft.
  • Stacking: This is the pairing up wide receivers with the quarterback from the same team.
  • Late Round Running Backs: Choose as many late-round running backs with diversified exposures.
  • Rookie Wide Receivers: Rookies or second-year players that have previously shown talent can be a wise decision.
  • Zero RB: There is deep debate regarding the Zero RB strategy, but it seems effective to focus on all other positions and wait until later to choose the RB while gaining positive assets from WR, TE, and QBs on the team.

The NFL Fantasy Football Pick’em format is very popular because it is easy to play and doesn’t require much knowledge about individual players.

Underdog Pick’em and Best Ball Fantasy Football

Pick'Em Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy Football is a highly-regarded online site that lets players choose from various formats, including Pick’em and Best Ball. As these two formats increase interest and gain new players, the site has added more and more playing options to win more pots and keep the players interested.

Because those playing new ball or Pick’em don’t have to have intense knowledge of the NFL or the players’ skill level, it opens the door for more people to enjoy the various betting options available.

Those playing Pick’em will pick one stat line from each game that they think will go over or under.

For example, Underdog Fantasy will determine what a bet should be. If you think the bet will go over the amount set by Underdog Fantasy, then you will be the over. If you think it will be under the set amount, then you take it.

Underdog fantasy sports allow you to bet on situations within the game rather than the teams playing. This makes playing Pick’em fun because you’re rooting for individual players rather than teams.

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