How To A Delete PrizePicks Account

By Daily Fantasy Focus

June 24, 2022

PrizePicks is the easiest, fastest, and most exciting daily fantasy sports game. There’s something for everyone – from casual fans to sports fanatics. Prizepicks is also incredibly profitable, rewarding over $130 million in winnings back in 2021.

Whether you are using a laptop, iPhone, or Android, Prizepicks is available on the web and apps, making it incredibly easy to open an account.

However, if, for any reason, you find yourself wanting to delete your account, it can become a little complicated as Prizepicks offers so many different ways to subscribe and open an account.

If you are looking for ways to delete the Prizepicks account, here you will find how to delete your Prizepicks account.

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How To Delete A Prizepicks Account From The Website

While Prizepicks is available on an app, some people still open their Prizepicks account directly on their website. There’s nothing wrong with it.

However, when you opened your account this way, you probably didn’t get that extra layer of security that PayPal or Apple would offer you if you had signed up through those methods. However, to delete your Prizepicks account on their website is very easy! 

After visiting their website, you should log into your account and click the menu section. There, you will check for the option ‘Billing’ and then click on ‘Subscription,’ where you will see the option for payment. Afterward, you will see the option to manage your account, and from there, you can click on ‘Settings.’ You will then see the option that prompts you to cancel your Prizepicks subscription. Your account will be deleted when your subscription ends. 

But if you have opened your account on the apps, then keep reading, because next, we are going to check how to delete the Prizepicks account on the iPad, iPhone, or even on your Android. 

How To Delete A PrizePicks Account On Your iPad Or iPhone

Having your Prizepicks account on your iPad or iPhone is incredibly practical and accessible. Still, when it comes to deleting the Prizepicks account on the app, it may look a little more complicated, but here I will guide you step by step on how to delete your Prizepicks account. 

After opening the app on your device, you should click on ‘Settings,’ where you will see your name, and tap on it to see the option ‘Subscriptions.’ 

If you cannot see this option, then you should check this on iTunes or the Appstore, tap on your Apple ID, check your subscriptions, look for the Prizepicks subscription, and tap ‘Cancel.’ 

How To Delete The PrizePicks App from Your iPhone 

While canceling your subscription will delete your account, the PrizePicks app will still stay on your phone unless you delete it, and there are two ways to do this through: 

  • Pressing the Prizepicks app on your home screen and pressing on the X above the app will ask you if you wish to delete the app. 

The other way to delete PrizePicks off of your iPhone is by:

  • Open your ‘Settings,’ tap on ‘General’ and then click on your ‘iPhone Storage,’ where you will see the list of all the apps currently installed on your iPhone. After, you just need to tap on the Prizepicks app and delete it. 

For iPhone with iOS 11 and above:

In case you have IOS 11 or above, the previous method may not work, and after you click on ‘iPhone Storage,’ you will see the option ‘Offload Unused Apps‘ where you should tap on the ‘Enable‘ option to delete the app.

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How To Delete A Prizepicks Account On Android 

When deleting your Prizepicks account on Android, just like on the iPhone, deleting the app from your home screen won’t do it. So instead, you will have to go through a few more steps to delete your Prizepicks app from your phone. 

The first step when trying to delete your Prizepicks account is to open your Google Play Store with the same account you initially opened your Prizepicks account. Then you need to click on the menu, tap on ‘Subscriptions‘ and find Prizepicks, so you can click the “Cancel Subscription” option. 

How To Delete PrizePicks App From Your Android 

To remove the Prizepicks app from your Android, you need to open your Google Play App again and tap on the menu icon in the top left corner so you can click on ‘My Apps and Games‘ before clicking on the ‘Installed‘ button. 

Once you do that, there will be a list of apps that are installed on your Android. You just need to click on the Prizepicks app and press ‘Uninstall.’ 

How To Delete A Prizepicks Account On a Mac computer

If you have created your Prizepicks account through your Mac, then the way to delete your Prizepicks account is slightly different but just as easy. You should head to your Mac App Store and click on your name, which you can find at the bottom of the sidebar. 

Afterward, you can tap on the ‘View Information‘ option (you may need to sign in with the same username you used to subscribe to Prizepicks). Then scroll down the page until you find the ‘Subscriptions‘ tab, where you need to click the ‘Manage’ button; you will then check the ‘Edit‘ tab, where you can find the Prizepicks app, and then click the ‘Cancel Subscription.’ 

How To Delete Prizepicks Account On Paypal 

Prizepicks also allows you to create your account by using PayPal, so when you delete your Prizepicks, you should ensure that you cancel your subscription through Paypal. To delete your Prizepicks account on Paypal, you first need to log into your PayPal account. 

Once you are logged into your Paypal account, you need to click on the settings tab (you can find this next to the logout option). Then you need to tap into ‘Payments‘ from the menu and click on ‘Manage Automatic Payments.’ Here you will see all the merchants that you have automatic payments with. After spotting Prizepicks (or SidePrize LLC) on the list, you can click the button ‘Cancel Automatic Payments‘; don’t forget to tap ‘Done‘ to complete the cancellation. 

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