How To Become A FanDuel VIP (Step-By-Step)

Who does not like to be treated like a VIP? You get cool perks, not to mention the sense of prestige that comes with it. And the feeling is even better when your favorite DFS site treats you like that. So, this will be a complete step-by-step guide on how to become a FanDuel VIP.

All players are automatically enrolled in the FanDuel player’s club. There are different player levels with varying rewards. The more points you have, the more perks you will unlock. And that is how you get to VIP status. These rewards are invite-only, though.

That is not all, though. There is much more to it. I will go into more depth about becoming a FanDuel VIP since the process is not what most people expect. And, of course, I will touch on the benefits and perks VIPs get. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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What Is the FanDuel VIP Program?

Before I tell you how you can become a FanDuel VIP, let’s touch on the basics first. What is the program?  The site calls the program the FanDuel Player’s Club. It is a way for the site to reward the most loyal players.

If you are someone who regularly plays the games and contests, you will see points rank up. That is when you know you are doing it right. Here is the thing, though: all players are automatically enrolled in the program. 

When you reach VIP status, you will get access to a ton of exclusive perks. All these perks are pretty lucrative. If you spend quite some time with the site and know your way around the games and all, earning points should not be that hard. 

The status for each month is decided based on the points you earned in the previous month. That means your quality in December will depend on how many points you earn in November. And it goes onwards from there.

These points can be tracked easily on the app itself. So, you do not need to hunt anywhere else to know what status you are. The site does make it relatively easy for everyone. I will tell you how you can earn these points in a brief minor step-by-step breakdown a bit later on in the article. So, keep on reading. 

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How To Become A FanDuel VIP?

Since FanDuel’s VIP program is not like a traditional VIP program, many users might get confused. You are already enrolled in the player’s club. What you need to do is earn more points. 

This will ‘unlock’ more perks and rewards for you, thus giving you VIP status.

Here is how you earn points:

Step 1 – Enter Paid Contests

You get FanDuel points (FDP) when you play paid contests. The site will give you 5 FDP for every $1 entry fee you play. The rate can also increase if there is a specific promotion. It would help if you kept an eye out for these promotions. 

Step 2 – Gather Points

Keep gathering these points by playing more and more. The more points you have, the higher your status will be. It is as easy as that. You can also use your FDP to enter paid contests. The FDP you used to enter will be deducted. However, the monthly total earned remains the same. 

There is something you need to keep in mind, though. Although it’s great to gather these points since the more points you have, the higher status you will reach, the FDP does expire. So, it would be best if you used them wisely.

Step 3 – Stay Active 

The FDP will expire after one year of inactivity. You can stay active by earning or redeeming FDP by playing contests. This will restart the clock. 

FanDuel VIP Rewards

One of the most exciting things about becoming a FanDuel VIP is the perks and rewards. And you get quite a lot of them. Let’s get into what those are. I will keep this pretty brief since all the rewards are mostly self-explanatory. 

Personal Account Manager

If you are a Hall of Famer or Legend status, you will get a personal account manager to help manage your account. 

At this point, you might be asking what these statuses are. I will explain those in a bit. Let’s get through some of the perks first. 

Reward Credits At Live Events

You will get reward credits when you attend live events. This applies to players that have MVP status or above. The rewards can be between $100 and $500. 

Not only that, there are other additional perks as well. Like rewards for activities, room upgrades, and gifts. 

Premium Customer Support

Having access to good customer support can be a real convenience. FanDuel already has excellent customer support. But you can get access to premium customer support if you are MVP and above. 

The response time for premium support is faster compared to the normal one. That is something I am sure you will love since you do not have to wait for long. 

Access to Weekly Promotions 

FanDuel hosts weekly promotions. You will get access to those promotions when you are an MVP or above.

These weekly promotions can be desirable and are something you do not want to miss out on. These rewards are invite-only. When you reach a certain level, you need to be invited to get these. 

Free Play Contests

FanDuel made changes to the free-to-play contests as well. Previously, they were based on four earning points. Now it has been revamped to six levels. The rewards are better too! 

You can get freeroll contest rewards of between $2000 and $25000. This will depend on the status, though. And the freeroll status has also been increased for top-level players, from $8000 to a whopping $25000.


Having cool merchandise from your favorite DFS site is something everyone loves. Well, you can get your hands on cool FanDuel merchandise if you are in Hall of Fame or Legend status. 

These include many things like cups and more. Now let’s touch on the different statuses and how many points you need to reach those statuses. 

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