How To Create A Betting Group On DraftKings

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April 21, 2023

DraftKings created an ever-so-popular on-platform social feed feature in 2021, allowing customers to create betting groups. Wagers are automatically populated, and members can chat inside the app. You may be equally as keen to explore how to create a betting group on DraftKings yourself.

Creating a betting group on DraftKings requires a login process. Once in your account, locate the “Social” tab and click on “Betting Groups.” A “Create Group” prompt will need a chosen name to be entered for the group. Lastly, click on “Create Group” and share the group link provided with friends.

Creating a betting group on DraftKings is a sure way of opening a new world of excitement that could result in numerous social interactions. Let’s dig deeper into creating betting groups and learning about the enticing social experiences the sportsbook offers.

How Can You Create A Betting Group On DraftKings?

Interestingly, the “Social feed “feature was not part of the original platform when DraftKings was first introduced in 2012.

This social functionality was only rolled out nine years later across the DraftKings Sportsbook and the DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) products.

It is a known fact that humans require and thrive on friends and social interactions, so it’s not a big surprise that community has become a key factor here.

As with everything, one cannot jump on the bandwagon and begin connecting with friends in group settings on DraftKings. There is always a due process to be followed.

To begin, make sure that you have completed the following initial stages on the DraftKings website:

  • Registration/sign-up process
  • Verification of Identification
  • Geotracking/location confirmation
  • Funding of the account

Next, adhere to the following steps to gain access to the social site to create and interact with betting groups on DraftKings. They are listed as follows:

Step 1: Make sure that you have previously signed up and that you have an active DraftKings account.

Step 2: Open the DraftKings application and log into your account.

Step 3: Search for the “Social “tab on the screen.

Step 4: Click on the “Betting Groups” link.

Step 5: Click on the “Create Group” link.

Step 6: Choose a group name and enter it.

Step 7: Choose between private or public group settings.

Step 8: Choose between allowing anyone to join your group or, if you prefer, for members to seek approval before joining.

Step 9: A group link will be available at this stage of the process. You can share the link or the group’s name with your friends, enabling them to receive a group invitation on their respective sides.

The Benefits Of Creating A Betting Group On DraftKings

create a group on DraftKings

DraftKings has noted several benefits from their customers when enabling them with the possibility of creating betting groups on the platform. It has become one of how a social media atmosphere has been initiated and experienced on the website.

Creating betting groups allows users to follow other bettors and access information about their fellow bettors’ wagering history.

A perfect social media environment can be created through bettors forming solid friendships, joining betting groups, and thus being able to connect with others is really at your fingertips. It can be known as a real little social community.

Group users on DraftKings are thus able to:

  • Add friends to their profiles.
  • Discuss wagers with fellow bettors.
  • Observe and explore what others are wagering on.

The highlight of the social feed on DraftKings is how straightforward it is to tail or fade a bet. Just one click on the odds adds it to a “bet slip.” All that is left for the bettors to do is enter the amount they choose to wager on.

These betting groups are even more sticky as one can create a leaderboard among your group. This allows for points to be awarded when bets are hit.

The social feature of betting groups has been a popular request from customers in the past and aims to improve overall stickiness.

Betting groups add a nice touch to DraftKings’ social page. Chatting and sending private messages and comments to others is an excellent way of bringing players together. They can freely discuss sports and, of course, their bets.

Features include these private messages and participation in public discussions in the chat options.

Being a part of a betting group will also provide users with the following valuable benefits:

  • Being able to participate in ongoing sports discussions
  • Taking part in the pregame/ postgame analysis
  • Making use of in-game betting opportunities
  • Consoling fellow bettors over the ups and downs of how individual bets unfold
  • Celebrating the good and bad in wins and losses together

Friend lists and universal profiles can also be created to comment on loyalty and rewards programs. All such features will allow DraftKings to connect their customers across their products.  

Why Is DraftKings Succeeding With Betting Groups?

There is just something about the social aspect of DraftKings betting groups that makes it so unique.

DraftKings has also worked on developing and improving privacy management tools.

Using such tools, a bettor can show all bets made immediately after placing the wager. The bettor also has the alternative of displaying the bets to one group or the function of hiding them from another group.

It’s fascinating to note that people using the group betting options are noticeably more than the customers who are betting on their own accords.

Captivatingly enough, there is an emerging superstar angle of the betting groups. Confident everyday bettors tend to gain popularity due to their hits. So inevitably, DraftKings is aiding in creating and introducing influencers who are gaining increasing popularity through the process of active following.


An active DraftKings Sportsbook account is needed to create a betting group on the website. By locating the “Social” tab and clicking on “Betting Groups” as well as “Create Group,” one would be on the way to sharing a link to enable a friend to be a part of your group in order to embark on the wagering journey on the social app together.

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