How Vivid Picks Works & How To Win

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October 25, 2022

Every sports fan is getting into fantasy sports apps, and one that closely resembles many fantasy sports games is called Vivid Picks. As the app becomes more popular by the day, many people are wondering how Vivid Picks works and how to win on the app.  

Vivid Picks is a skillful game that works like any other fantasy sports app. It takes knowledge and skill in sports to gather fantasy points through the athletes chosen by the individual. The contest rules determine the winners who have the most points by the end of the game.

The terms of the agreement offer more in-depth information on how to play the app and what to expect. For those unfamiliar, we will detail fantasy sports, the apps, and the data available to understand the game’s art better, how to accumulate fantasy points, and how to win.

What Is Vivid Picks and How Does It Work?

vivid picks how it works

Vivid Picks is a daily fantasy sports app. It is an app where the player predicts the game and places bets on winning real money. 

A minimum deposit of $15 is required to play. There are different packages to choose from, and if the user can locate them, there are Promo Codes to get special deals to win more money. 

There are several exciting things to do on the Vivid Picks sports app. Once the deposit is made, the user can choose real players from any sport. Matchup-style and different games are selected, and predictions are made along with simple bets. 

The money is real and is deposited into an account of the user’s choice with safe and secure deposits. And the money is withdrawn at the user’s discretion. It depends on how much the bet is placed, but the user can get massive payouts.

Like competitiveness in sports, the user can talk trash when they win. The option is to follow their favorite experts and friends within the app.

Users can earn respect and take credit for their achievements by dominating the app’s challenges, earning badges, and working their way to the top of the leaderboards with fantasy points. The app is compared to eSports, Twitter, and fantasy sports combined all into one app. 

How Vivid Picks Is Different From the Competition

Vivid Picks is a unique app that separates itself from other fantasy games. They partnered with fantasy sports to create an app that engages those following, such as friends, other app users, and experts. The user can also score tickets to season games.

Many people are content with everything they purchase, but some continue striving for better upgrades. Vivid Picks delivers this upgrade with better features like an activity feed, ownership challenges, and a “Weekly Wall of Fame” showing top fantasy scores and winners.

Top Reviews from Users

When users get the app, there are a bunch of reviews to thumb through to help decide if the app is worth the download or not. Here is what two of the users stated while giving the app an outstanding five stars.

Username _ballersforever stated, “Great app with only one issue.”

They continued, “I normally don’t write reviews at all, but this is a great gambling app. It’s safe and secure, deposits are easy, and they can be as low as five bucks. The UI is simple but elegant at the same time. All the while giving you a very fun experience.” 

They added, “I was able to turn a $5 deposit into $100 in less than a week. The only downside is that you can only withdraw via check, which can have you waiting a bit; however, when I cashed out, I did receive my check in less than 5 business days.” 

In conclusion, they stated, “I would love to see instant/bank transfers very soon, in the future, and then this would be the perfect gambling app. keep up the great work.”

The other top review explains how they now do direct deposit and checks in the mail. Here is what username Walterdollars stated about their experience with the app. “Great app!”

They continued, “I do not work for betcha, nor am I a bot. Lol, I was one of those people who were skeptical about the various different sports betting apps out there, wondering if they would scam me or if I could even participate based on my location.” 

They added, “But then I ran into betcha, this app is legitimate & I have successfully deposited & withdrew money on this app. I saw a review earlier about this app & the person mentioned they would only send checks in the mail, but now they send checks in the mail & direct deposit!” 

They concluded, “I highly recommend this app & I rarely write reviews.”

Is It Worth Getting The App?

Vivid picks contests rules

All of the users found the app to be worth the time and effort to download and added the money to get the app going. The app’s owners offered quick and timely responses to resolve any issues that some of the reviews stated were less than five stars. This shows excellent customer service on their part and gives a sense of relief that they are honest and trustworthy. 

Betcha Sports, Inc. is the seller of the app, and it is compatible with iPhones, iPod touch, and Mac computers. The app is free to download but requires deposits to use the system, which is copyrighted in 2022, so it is relatively new to the public.

Legal Stats Concerning the App

There are some items within the terms of the agreement as it is available in most states in the US, but only some of them. Each state has a different gambling age, so it is up to the user to check the age before downloading.

Some states allow people 18 years and older to gamble, but they are few. Most states have the gambling age capped off at 21 and older. Be sure to read the terms.

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