What Is a Fantasy Score on Prizepicks? Explained

By Daily Fantasy Focus

August 11, 2022

If you are reading this article, it means you want to know more about the fantasy scores in Prizepicks. Prizepicks is a daily fantasy game that allows people to play against the house and win up to 15X of their stake. The key determinant for your winnings is the fantasy score, whose meaning will be explained in this blog.

The fantasy score predicts whether the player’s expected score is higher or lower than the predicted score.

For instance, if the prediction for a particular player is 25, the fantasy score would be above or under 25. If the prediction is correct, the player will win a payout; if their prediction is wrong, they will lose the stake.

For instance, one would win the bet if they choose over and the prediction goes beyond 25. If they choose below 25, they will lose the bet.

Understanding the fantasy score might not be easy at first. Therefore, keep reading on to learn more about the Prizepicks game because this will help you understand the fantasy score concept.

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How Prizepicks Works

The best way to understand the fantasy score is to know how Prizepicks works. The main principle of the Prizepicks game is to make “under” or “over” predictions of a fantasy score. The first step in playing this game is to create an account and then deposit money. You are then allowed to choose 2 to 5 players and make predictions on fantasy points.

The Prizepicks display the total projected points for each player, allowing the user to make a prediction. The user should predict whether the player’s projected total will be under or over the projected total score. The user’s prediction is a fantasy score.

Types of Games in Prize Picks

The game offers users two options to play, each with a different payout based on the players chosen. One can choose players from different games, such as the NFL and soccer.

 These options include power play and flex play.

The power play option offers users a high payout amount but does not offer secondary prizes. Therefore, the prediction or fantasy score chosen can only be right or wrong. If you choose two players, both predictions should be correct to win 3X the stake amount.

Three players guarantee a 5X payout, while four players guarantee 10X-15X. The most important thing to note about this game mode is that all predictions should be correct for the user to win.

Flex play offers people a higher chance of winning because you can win a certain amount by making a certain number of correct predictions.

For instance, if you choose two players, you would win 2X for two correct predictions or 0.5X for a single correct prediction.

If you choose three players, you will win 2.25X with three correct predictions and 1.25X if two of the predictions turn out correct. The only drawback is that the user would win a smaller amount than the power play.

How To Choose a Fantasy Score

Once a player logs in to the Prizepicks, the app displays the available games from which the user can choose their preferred players. The top of the screen has a filter through which users can select an athlete according to their preferred sport.

Once the user has made two to five selections, they should press the “go” to select their fantasy scores. In this case, every athlete would have a projected score.

Therefore, the user would determine whether the fantasy score would be under or over the projected score. Each athlete’s fantasy score is selected separately.

The user can also choose the stake amount and type of game they wish to play. The stake refers to the money one wishes to spend on a particular bet. This amount would be multiplied by the specific multiplier for the bet to determine the payout amount.

While there is no specific formula for choosing a fantasy score, the Prizepicks app will show you the amount you are risking and the possible winnings. This would guide you in determining whether to change the fantasy scores or not. The app allows people to confirm their bet before they pay the entry fee or stake.

Once you have chosen your fantasy scores and joined the contest, you can follow up in the app for live scores. Once the game is over, the app will automatically determine the users’ winnings or losses. The winnings can be withdrawn or used to place more bets.

Does Prizepicks Have Guaranteed Correct Fantasy Scores?

The fantasy score on Prizepicks mobile app is the number a user uses to decide whether the player’s prediction would be higher or lower than the predicted score. Given that there is no guaranteed correct or wrong prediction, it is up to every user to decide on the ideal prediction.

Therefore, when choosing a fantasy score, it is best to focus on the risk and possible winnings.

How Promo Funds Affect Fantasy Score

The best part about Prizepicks is that they offer a 100% bonus on the first deposit. If you deposit $100, you will get a bonus of $100.    

Users utilize the bonus amount through fantasy scores, making predictions about winning or losing. The bonus amount does not affect the fantasy score and cannot be withdrawn.

The bonus amount is withdrawable once the user meets the wagering terms and conditions. The only way the bonus affects the fantasy score is by allowing users to stake a higher amount, thus increasing the amount they could earn from the fantasy score totals.

Users also get bonuses from refering other people. Prizepicks offer a $25 bonus for every referral, and the bonus can only be used to play in a fantasy contest. The amount won can also be used to make more predictions.

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