Does Daily Fantasy Sports Have Imaginary Teams?

By Daily Fantasy Focus

February 24, 2022

Daily Fantasy Sports are gaining more popularity every day. If someone is looking to make some legal money out of fantasy sports, DFS seems like the best way to do it. However, those unfamiliar might ask, does daily fantasy sports have imaginary teams? We shall look into that and other queries in the following. 

Daily Fantasy Sports have teams drafted out of real professional athletes. And the participants of that fantasy sport make money from the outcome of a real-life event or the athletes’ performances. However, the team picked by the participant is a fantasy one and, therefore, of course, imaginary. 

To get a clearer idea about how the whole thing works, lend a few minutes to the following discussion. You can also learn how Daily Fantasy sports differ from traditional fantasy leagues and which is more advantageous. 

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Teams In Daily Fantasy Sports 

In daily fantasy sports, the players build up a team of athletes. These are real-life professional athletes. They might be playing for a particular league or some tournament. The participants of DFS earn points based on statistics of these players’ real-life performance in real competitions.  

So, yes, Daily Fantasy Sports have imaginary teams. But the players of that imaginary team are very much real. The performance upon which the DFS participants earn their points and subsequently make money is also real. 

How Daily Fantasy Sports Work

If you are familiar with traditional fantasy sports, DFS shouldn’t be that confusing. The basics are easy. You will be creating a fantasy team. And to do that, you will choose from a collection of real professional athletes. 

However, there are rules and limitations to forming this team. For example, there is a salary cap. In other words, you can spend up to a certain limit on a player. Also, there are restrictions on positions where the players from your imaginary team can and cannot play. 

The participants gain their points from the real-world performance of the players they choose. And the money they earn comes from the fund the participants themselves created in the first place. Well, all this can slightly vary according to gaming platforms. But the basics are more or less the same. 

In contrast to fantasy sports leagues, Daily fantasy sports are usually single rounds of games. These are mainly played at established gaming sites on the internet. Anyone of proper status can join these sites by paying an entry fee. And these fees go on to create the fund that pays the winners’ money. 

Types of Daily Fantasy Sports & Sports Played

Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey are the primary sports of DFS. The majority of people taking part in DFS prefer these. However, golf, MMA, NASCAR can also be played single-round fantasy sports. 

In the broader sense Daily Fantasy Sports are usually of two types. Cash games and Tournaments. Among these, the cash games can be further classified as fifty-fifty or head-to-head. In 50/50, the participants in the top 50 percent will receive the prize money. And they will distribute the money equally between them. 

In contrast to fifty-fifty, the head-to-head games don’t have a lot of participants. Instead, only two people participate in these arrangements, and the highest score takes all of the money.

Meanwhile, tournaments function much differently. Usually, a large number of participants enter a tournament. And the prize is awarded based on ranking. The participant who ranks first gets the largest share of the pooled money. Subsequently, the second placer receives a lower share and so on. 

Daily Fantasy Sports Vs. Season Long Leagues

If you wonder if Daily Fantasy Sports has imaginary teams, you are probably new to the concept. And in that case, you might also ask how it is different from traditional season-long fantasy leagues. 

Well, there are similarities and differences. And in the same vein, one might have some advantage over the other. 

The similarity between DFS and Fantasy leagues is that both follow essentially the same principle. You choose (or draft) players, obtain points from their real-life field activity, and eventually win over the other participants. 

Now let’s look into the differences. 

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Profitability and Professionalism

Firstly, Daily Fantasy Sports is more cash-oriented and, in that vein, more professional compared to season-long fantasy leagues. Most long fantasy leagues are played between friends, families, and co-workers. And therefore, collecting the prize money is less of an issue than enjoying something as a group. 

On the other hand, almost all DFS is played for the money. And therefore, they are mostly played on professional platforms and between strangers. So, if you are looking to make a living out of fantasy sports, then DFS is better for you. 

Plus, DFS is more profitable than long leagues because you are getting your payment (or winnings) after completing a single round.

In other words, you get the money within one to three days. You have to wait for the whole season to be over in long fantasy leagues.

Commitment requirement

Another problem with long fantasy leagues is that you have to put in too much time and work. Such as setting rosters, tackling injuries, offers for trade, and many more. You have to do this stuff over a whole season. And many people wouldn’t have the time, energy, or patience for that. Which eventually leads them to quit midway.

Meanwhile, participation in DFS is more sustainable. You have to pick your players and create your imaginary team. Then after one or three days, log in to the site to check the outcome. 

There is no constant maintenance over a whole season. Therefore, DFS is more suited to people who hold jobs and have a schedule.

Team Drafting 

There is a significant difference in how you select your team. You cannot choose a player whom someone else has already selected in season leagues. But that does not apply to DFS. Here multiple participants can choose one player. Even two opponents can have identical teams. 

However, long leagues don’t adhere strictly to salary caps. But DFS always maintains this. 

In short, if you are looking to use your sports knowledge as a means of making money or considering it as a professional or part-time job, then you should go for Daily Fantasy Sports. However, if you are playing fantasy sports to bond with friends or co-workers, then season fantasy leagues are your best choice.    

Creating Your Team In Daily Fantasy Sports 

Now that you know how Daily Fantasy Sports can be a quick way to make some cash from your sports knowledge, you might be looking forward to getting started with building your team. Well, it isn’t that difficult. Let’s have a look at the steps you can follow. 

Create Account And Deposit Money On A DFS Site

First, you have to join a site that hosts Daily Fantasy sports games. Such as, FanDuel or Draftkings. However, you can look into online reviews and decide where to join. To join a site, open an account there. For that, you have to provide some basic info, such as name, address, phone no., email, etc. 

Opening an account gets you a username and password on that site. You will use these to log in to your newly created account. Then you can start playing by depositing some money. You can do this by PayPal or credit card. The process is straightforward. Just choose your method, then enter the details and amount. 

When you are entering a DFS contest for the first time, it’s wise to deposit a small amount of money. Because on this first game, you are mainly learning how everything works on the site. Therefore, putting in too much money can be risky. 

Drafting Your Team

After depositing money and entering the contest, you will create your team. All the major DFS sites have an easy-to-navigate page containing the available player’s list. And from these lists, you have to draft your team. 

Drafting your team requires you to determine the players’ positions during the game. This is where your sports knowledge and strategy play a significant role. The positions vary depending on your sport of choice. 

Another strategic decision regarding drafting is the salary cap. The specifications of this vary according to the sports and the platform you are playing on. 

After that, it is usually only a matter of a day or two before you know the results. You can check it out by logging in to the site. If you have won money, it will automatically add to your account. 


Anyone wondering does Daily Fantasy Sports has imaginary teams has hopefully found the answer to their query from the above discussion. It seems like if you are a hardcore fan of any of the major sports, you can make some quick and legal cash from participating in these events. All you need is a good sports strategy.

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