What Is DraftKings Flash Bet? Learn Here

By Daily Fantasy Focus

November 9, 2021

DraftKings has introduced a new format on their platform called flash bet. What is a flash bet, and how do you win money playing it?

DraftKings flash bet is a new format for NFL games that allows you to pick a team that will only be active for one quarter. Winners will be declared after the quarter, and money will be paid out soon after.

Let’s learn more about DraftKings flash bet and how to play it properly.

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DraftKings Flash Bet

When opening the DraftKings app, there’s a good chance you may see a lightning bolt next to the NFL logo.

The lightning bolt is a direct representation that there is a flash bet game available. This symbol will often be shown next to or on top of the NFL logo.

If you select the NFL option on the home screen, you will see a new option to play called the flash bet.

How To Play DraftKings Flash Bet

Similar to how you would select “classic” or “captain showdown,” the flash bet option will be the first game mode available on the top of the NFL list.

Once selected, you will be presented with a screen to choose the amount you want to wager. The wagers typically go from $1, $5, $25, and $100.

Remember, you are wagering this amount for one quarter. It’s essential to check which quarter you are playing. DraftKings typically will take entry fees up to 5 minutes before the quarter begins.

Once you’ve chosen your wager, you will be taken to a lobby with other players. You have to wait for all players to enter the lobby and the timer to get to 0:00.

Once the timer reaches 0:00, the draft will begin.

It’s important to note if you exit the app or get sidetracked from the draft process, you bet it will be voided.

This means DraftKings will not accept the team you’ve chosen and will give you a refund.

This is why we highly recommend that you keep your eyes on your phone or computer if you enter a flash bet content and don’t get sidetracked.

Once the draft begins, you will be shown three random players throughout the game.

It’s up to you to decide which players should be chosen based on how the game is being played out.

There are five rounds of players that you need to choose from. Once you have selected all of your players, the draft will be complete.

Kick back and root on your favorite players and hope that they do well in the upcoming quarter.

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Ways To Win On DraftKings Flash Bet

There are a few strategies to think about when doing the DraftKings flash bet.

First, make sure you’re tuned into the game. Too often, people will play the flash bet but won’t be watching the game.

This matters because you need to know:

  • Who has the football. If one team gets the ball to start the second half, that means they will have more opportunities to score points.
  • Where is the ball? If the football is on the 1 yard line and it’s the beginning of the second quarter, there’s a good chance a running back or tight end might score on a play action pass.
  • Are there any injuries? If a player is injured or just recently comes out of the game, it’s important to not pick that player in the draft.

Once you’ve decided which players are most likely to score points in the current football game, you must keep an eye out for them.

The way the draft works, players will be chosen at random by DraftKings. They will display three players each round, which you must decide.

One unique thing about the flash bet is that you can see the ownership % of each player that is chosen. This is important because you’ll want to pick someone who has a low ownership %.

If fewer people have that player, and they do well, that means you have an advantage over everyone else in the draft.

At the end of the quarter, the round will close, and the winner will be chosen. You’re able to make a flash bet for all four quarters.

This is a fun and new innovative way that DraftKings allows its users to be more into each part of the game by picking how players will do based on quarterly results.

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Player Multipliers

The point of DraftKings flash bet is to beat other people by picking the correct player. The unique feature of the DraftKings flash bet is the ability to choose the same person multiple times.

For example, there may be an instance where quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady may be picked in different rounds of the draft.

If they are moving the ball with no issue, it may benefit you to pick these players twice rather than pick another player.

This is also another reason you should watch the game live and go off of your gut feeling.

Players can also have multipliers attached to them. DraftKings may show “1.25x” or “2x” next to their name for players like running backs or kickers. That means they will earn the multiplier worth of points if they accumulate any.

If a kicker is involved, there may be a good chance that he will accumulate some points, especially if the offense is sputtering inside of the red zone.

Multipliers can be a great way to get a jump over other players who may have taken the best player rather than the multiplier.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about DraftKings and about the app itself, we’ve completed a guide to help you get a better grasp of it.

You can find the guide to learning more about DraftKings Here.

If you have any questions about DraftKings Flash Bet or any of their other services, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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