How To Place A Parlay Bet On DraftKings – Step By Step Guide

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January 21, 2023

DraftKings offers thousands of methods to place bets conveniently, and among them are multiple avenues to parlay your picks. Parlay bets accumulate odds of single wagers, which allows for more flexibility and awards huge payouts. Whether for fun or opportunity: how is it done on DraftKings?

Parlay bets are placed on DraftKings by setting up your account, selecting multiple markets in the Sportsbook, and filling in your stake. Same-Game Parlays are also available once choosing two or more outcomes in a game, which can be further expanded and combined using SGPx bets.

The process is quick and straightforward for newcomers and sharps alike. Still, DraftKings allows for a lot of flexibility, so take note of the tips, rules, and details to help you get a leg up.

Parlay bet

How To Place A Parley Bet in DraftKings

Make a standard parlay across 2 to 10 scoring outcomes (or “legs” of a parlay) from various matches. An advantage of DraftKings is that these can be on different days or even different sports.

1. Set Up Your DraftKings Account

Install the DraftKings Sportsbook app from the Play Store or App Store, or head over to the DraftKings Sportsbook website. Then, sign up to create a DraftKings account. Note that you will need to provide your email, a username & password, your phone number, and be over 18.

2. Deposit Funds Into Your Account

Regardless of platform, tap the “Deposit” button in the top-right corner. You will be prompted to select an amount and payment method. 

3. Choose Your Markets In The Sportsbook

Navigate to the Sportsbook, select the “Game Lines” section, and find the games under the various sports you want to parlay. Tap or click each one, adding the legs of your parlay to the “Bet Slip.” The slip will update the combined odds of your picks.

Tip: To maximize your chances of success, experienced bettors and mathematicians recommend limiting your legs to around 2-4, as while the payouts are lower, your long-run earnings will often be higher unless you’re fortunate.

4. Place Your Parlay

Ensure “Parlay” is selected underneath the singles, and fill in the amount you’d like to wager. From this, the calculated payout is displayed accordingly. Then “Place Bet” to finalize. DraftKings will issue a notification of acceptance once processed.

How To Place A Same Game Parley Bet in DraftKings

A Same Game Parlay (SGP) is made across 2 to 10 picks occurring within a match. They’re notably different as the results of each bet are less independent, potentially allowing you to expect a higher average return. Note that most bookies limit how these are placed or adjust their combined odds to compensate.

1. Set Up Your DraftKings Account

Identical to before, install the DraftKings app from either the Play Store or App Store, or use the DraftKings Sportsbook website. Sign Up with your email, a username & password, and your phone number. You must be over 18.

2. Deposit Funds Into Your Account

Tap the “Deposit” button in the top-right corner. Select an amount and payment method, and provide payment details as necessary. 

3. Parlay Your Picks

Return to the Sportsbook, and select the “Game Lines” section like before, but this time select a sport and a game of your choosing, opening it up for details. Then, enable the option presented immediately as “Same Game Parlay” and tap or click on two or more events, scores, or outcomes to assemble your SGP on the Bet Slip.

Check the parlay odds given, fill in your wager amount, and tap/click “Place Bet” to finalize the SGP. Just make sure your bet gets accepted, and you’re golden.

Tip: The same applies here: keep your leg count at about 2-4, as while the payouts are lower, your long-run earnings are expected to be higher.

How To Place A SGPx in DraftKings

A Same Game Parlay Extra (SGPx) allows you to combine single bets across games with multiple SGPs. SGPx increases your options and enables fine-grained betting. Creating an SGPx requires knowledge of creating an SGP, so refer to the previous sections first.

1. Create Your First SGP

Begin with one SGP as part of your SGPx by simply assembling the SGP as before, but don’t place the bet just yet. Instead, navigate back to the Sportsbook.

2. Add Additional Markets

Now, either select other markets from different games or select particular events and create additional SGPs. Your Bet Slip will accumulate all of your selections into an SGPx automatically. 

Note that each SGP’s odds are calculated as they were previously but get treated as a single pick among your others, with the odds multiplying without adjustment. The product is displayed underneath.

3. Finalize Your SGPx

After filling in your wager, double-check the amount, picks, and payout before placing the bet and getting confirmation. 

Monitoring Your Parlay’s Progress

You should monitor your bet’s progress, not just for the excitement: you still have agency as the game(s) play out. With DraftKings, this can be an active process in multiple ways. 

First, bettors are allowed to “Cash Out” (also known as “surrendering” your bet) early on parlays that have yet to be decided. This can be done beforehand or while a match is ongoing. The amount paid out will be reduced according to the following:

  • The number of legs already completed
  • The current expectations of the remaining picks (most affected during ongoing games)
  • The initial stake

Cashing out can redeem a portion of the payout without risking it all or decrease your losses if a game begins to develop in an unexpected direction. 

Another strategy is hedging bets. For instance, you’ve successfully predicted 4 of a 5-leg parlay, but you’re more uncertain about the fifth now. Instead of cashing out, you could bet against your fifth leg. Doing so will reduce your loss if the parlay falls through.

How Does DraftKings Handle Cancellations?

Across different games in a regular parlay, where a selection in a parlay is rendered void, the parlay is repriced to exclude it.

On the other hand, the same game parlays are more nuanced:

  • Suppose a selection regarded a player that was not fielded. In that case, the SGP gets repriced using the last available odds before the event
  • If a tie occurs on a bet where the outcome was not specified, the SGP becomes lost
  • If part of an SGP becomes void, not due to a non-participating player, the SGP becomes void.

Consulting DraftKing’s house ruleset is advised if you place bets on their platform


Parlay betting on DraftKings is an effortless way to increase the payout you can garner and increase the anticipation. Bettors looking to make good money over time should thoroughly evaluate their parlay’s expected value proposition. As always, gamble responsibly.

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