What Does SGPx Mean On DraftKings?

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April 21, 2023

DraftKing’s sports betting empire continues to add excitement and risk to the betting game. As if Same Game Parlays weren’t enticing enough, their Same Game Parlay Extra adds a new dimension of high risk and high reward to your betting. 

DraftKings’ SGPx (Same Game Parlay Extra) betting function allows bettors to log multiple SGPs or single bets with an SGP from a different game. Bettors must have at least one SGP and an additional wager on their betting slip. SGPx bets can double the bettor’s earnings but also increase the risk.

On a large platform like DraftKings, new bettors may need clarification on whether SGPx is right for them. Let’s look at SGPx and how to win it on DraftKings.

What Does SGPx Mean?

Stemming from the fan-favorite SGP (Same Game Parlay), some sports betting companies take it further. FanDuel has SGP+, and DraftKings has SGPx (Same Game Parlay Extra). These betting functions allow bettors to add numerous single wagers and SGPs into a giant SGPx. That means you can have several single bets and Same Game Parlay under one betting amount. 

At least one of the selections needs to be an SGP for the SGP+/x to be in effect—these work by adding new bets to your betting slip as a single wager.

DraftKings SGP Vs SGPx

same game parlay extra

A Single Game Parlay is a bet that merges more than one wager into a single bet. SGP allows you to bet on multiple outcomes (legs) from one game. Like a regular parlay, all bets must win for the parlay to win. With every bet added, you increase your payout, so the more bets placed, the better the potential profit.

While SGPs pull from a single game, SGPx can combine multiple SGPs and single wagers into a mammoth bet. Within this combination, you cannot place SGP bets on the same game, and if you want to place a bet on a single leg of a game, you need to select it from a non-SGP offering.

DraftKings allows for more engaging game-watching and offers higher rewards. The stakes may be high, but you’ll walk away with maximal winnings if you know how to choose your wagers.

How To Make An SGPx On DraftKings

To create a Same Game Parlay Extra, bettors must select a game with an SGP+ icon and turn on the SGP toggle once selected. Once you have seen the betting options, curate and add your wagers to your betting slip. Do not enter your wager at this point. You must add the next game you want to wager on to your slip. Once you have all your bets in place, you can add the betting amount.

A minimum of two outcomes is necessary to create an SGP. Furthermore, an SGPx must contain an SGP and can be composed of either two SGPs or an SGP and a single wager. 

What To Wager On

Where you decide to place your bet depends on where your interest lies. DraftKings offers SGPs on NFL, NBA, MLB, and soccer games. You can combine any outcomes from a single game to create your Same Game Parlay before including another SGP or a single wager to create your SGPx. 

Outcomes to consider for your SGP:

  • Team total 
  • The first team to score X amount. 
  • Total point spread for the game. 
  • Quarter or half-game totals 
  • The first team to score a goal, strike, or have a home run. 
  • Bets on a particular player within the team.

Risks Of SGPx

SGPs are often offered to bettors as they are challenging to win. Sportsbooks will charge higher vigorish to make good cashback even when a bettor wins. This way, even an expected value on a win will not meet expectations. It would be best to assume the sportsbook offers shorter odds on game legs to bring in more cash.

The more legs your SPG has, the higher the potential payout. However, to win your wager, every leg of the bet must be a win. So, if you are betting for a big win and taking shots on numerous legs, you stand to lose vast sums of money. 

SGPx low-risk considerations:

  • Consider low-odds betting options with low cost and high payout.
  • Don’t add too many legs to your wager, as this gives it a higher chance of losing.
  • Evaluate your bet slip to determine how much you could win or lose before placing it as an SGP wager.

How To Win An SGPx On DraftKings

After considering the risks, if you continue building an SGPx, you must know how to win it. 

A list for winning Same Game Parlay Extra 

  1. Look for connection: consider the players’ strong suits and how they will contest those from the other team.
  2. Correlate your choice of legs for the game, as this makes them more likely to occur together.
  3. Always do your research on the teams and players and turn it into a coherent narrative for yourself. 
  4. Bet on one player’s success or failure: if a player has very high or low stats in multiple areas, you can list an SGP on their success or failure in the game and add a single safe wager to round out the SGPx.
  5. Use a parlay calculator for your SGP to calculate the odds of your wager.
  6. Check for voided logs in the sportsbook terms and conditions. Voided logs mean a refund is possible if a specific leg is not viable, e.g., a prop bet on a player falls through as they don’t enter the game.


DraftKings’ SGPx is an exciting but risky change from normal parlays or SGPs. Creating a Single Game Parlay Extra offers bettors a chance to win big and walk away with three or even four times what they wagered. However, SGPx favors the sportsbook, as bettors need to win multiple outcomes to receive a payout.

Despite the looming challenges, there is a way to win. It requires time and effort put into research and careful risk-taking on the part of the bettor.

Please be responsible when gambling. Gambling is at your own risk. We are simply an education platform to help you learn more about DraftKings.

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