How To Do Player Prop Bets On DraftKings

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April 21, 2023

Are you eager to find a way to make sports betting more exciting? If so, player prop bets might be something to think about. DraftKings provides the greatest conventional sports betting. They provide a vast selection of props, including player props. DraftKings ranks among the top sites for placing player prop wagers.

You will find player prop bets under the “Player Props” tab on DraftKings. To find them, click the “Player Props” tab after selecting a game. It’s located on the top scrolling horizontal bar. Once you have decided on the player prop you want to bet on, it is time to start putting your strategy to work.

All major sports feature player prop bets, but sports like football and basketball are where they are most common. You will concentrate on how to place player prop bets on DraftKings, learn what player prop bets are, find them, and learn how to take advantage of them. Read on for more.

How To Do Player Prop Bets On DraftKings

Player props are bets on individual players as opposed to betting on entire teams. They are also the perfect way to provide your DraftKings line-up with a further layer of strategy.

Player prop bets are wagers on a player’s performance in a specific game. You may bet, for instance, on the number of touchdowns, throws, or the distance a receiver will catch.

First, you must find the proper competition. The two sorts of contests offered for props are single-game and multi-game. Only games in the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB are eligible for single-game tournaments.

You must enter a multi-game competition if you wish to wager on props for sports like golf, mixed martial arts, or any other. The next step is to do thorough research on the players.

You must familiarize yourself with the players and the relevant matchups. While you do not have to be wholly educated about each, knowing their advantages and disadvantages can be beneficial.

Where Are Player Props On DraftKings?

Prop bets in DraftKings

On DraftKings, it is simple to find player props. After you have navigated to “A-Z Sports,” selected your preferred league, and clicked on the desired game, you will discover the props in an ordered arrangement containing sections.

This makes it simple to use and navigate.

When Do Player Props Come Out On DraftKings

One of the most popular wager types on DraftKings is player props. But when are they released? Player props are often made available a few days before the event begins. So, if you plan to place a Super Bowl bet, you may anticipate the release of player props on the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the game.

Player props can, however, be made available before their scheduled time. Player props might be provided earlier so bettors can take part, for instance, if a significant injury affects the status of a key player for an upcoming game.

For information on when player props will be made available for upcoming events, keep a watch on the DraftKings website and social media platforms.

Guide On How To Do Player Prop Bets On The DraftKings App

Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you with player prop bets on DraftKings:

  1. Log in to your DraftKings account. If you do not already have an account, create one by selecting a username and password and entering some personal information.
  2. Select “NFL” or any single- or multi-game tournament from the list of sports options by tapping the “Sports” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Both the player and the prop should be chosen before placing your wager. After finding it, tap on the player prop bet you want to wager on.
  4. Enter the amount of money you wish to risk on the bet on the resulting bet slip, and then click “Place Bet” to finalize your wager.
  5. Your wager on that player prop is now active.
  6. You can visit “My Bets” on the app and select the “History” button. You can keep track of your bets.

Advantages Of Player Props On DraftKings

player prop bets DraftKings

Playing player props on DraftKings has a variety of advantages:

  • It exposes you to a broader range of players you can interact with.
  • It allows you to gain larger payments if you correctly estimate a player’s performance.
  • Player props can be an excellent approach to gaining an advantage over the competition. Many people focus on the more prominent players in their line-ups, but by using player props, you can get an advantage by identifying value in less well-known players.
  • By using player props, you may stay involved in the action.

Disadvantages Of Player Props On DraftKings

Player props can be a wonderful way to gain exposure to a player you might not otherwise target in your line-up, but on DraftKings, they can also be quite risky and have some drawbacks that you must be aware of before laying your bets.

  • Player props can be more expensive than more conventional bets like money lines or point spreads. This is so that bookmakers can offset the increased risk they are taking on by offering props.
  • Compared to other forms of bets, player props may be more difficult to predict. This is because there are frequently more factors involved than with conventional bets. For instance, the performance of the quarterback, the offensive line’s blocking, and the weather on game day will all impact a prop bet on a receiver’s yardage total.
  • Player props may vary right up until the start of the game. This is because bookmakers frequently change the odds in an effort to balance their books and avoid losing money on a single wager. Therefore, if you see a prop that seems fictitious, it usually is.
  • They can be costly, mainly if you play several different props.
  • Most often, the odds are against you. For instance, a player might be worth $200 to score a touchdown in a game. As a result, to win $100, you would need to bet $200.
  • Forecasting how players will behave in particular circumstances might be challenging, yet it is frequently necessary.
  • Researching player props can take some time, but it is important to review matchups, current statistics, and other factors.
  • Once the prop is finished, you can cash out your winnings. Therefore, your wager may be lost if a player gets hurt or is benched.


DraftKings offers an extensive range of player prop bets. There is a prop bet for you whether you want to bet on a player’s performance in a certain game or their season-long stats. Find the “Player Props” tab in the sportsbook area of DraftKings to get started.

Pick from the list of possible leagues after that. You can pick your bets from there after viewing the available prop bets.

Just keep in mind to establish and adhere to a budget for your bets. Most importantly, just relax!

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