How To Refer A Friend On DraftKings Sportsbook

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May 1, 2023

If you’re a newcomer to DraftKings or if you simply want to earn a little bit more for some extra sports bets, then the refer-a-friend process is for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll give you the insider scoop on how to make the most of the referral process.

When you refer a friend on DraftKings Sportsbook, you will need to have registered to send the referral link. Once your referred friend has clicked on the link, registered, and made a deposit of $25 minimum, then both of you will receive a free bet depending on the size of their deposit.

So, if you’re ready to figure out how you really can make the most out of your DraftKings experience through friend referrals and how they too can benefit and have fun – read on!

The Best Way To Refer A Friend on DraftKings Sportsbook

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When it comes to referrals on the DraftKings platform, the process is not only easy but can also reap tons of rewards and bonuses for you and your friend/s within the game. 

Just make sure that your friend lives in any of the following states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, Louisiana, Arizona, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Colorado, New York, Oregon, West Virginia, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, and Tennessee.

See more about the legality of DraftKings here.

Without further ado, here is a user-friendly guide on the best way to refer a friend: 

Make Sure You Are Registered

To begin the referral process, you must already be registered as a customer on the DraftKings program you wish to refer someone to, whether it’s Daily Fantasy Sports, Sportsbook, or the DraftKings Casino. 

Alternatively, open a new DraftKings account, and make sure that you use the promotion code [Insert Promo Code] to benefit from all the exclusive offers for new account holders. 

Once your account is up and running, click on “Refer Friends” on the DraftKings home page, which is situated in the top right corner.

Then choose whatever method of sharing the referral link is best for you, whether through text, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. 

Simply highlight and then copy the referral link into your preferred sharing platform or messenger or add all the email addresses of the friends you would like to sign up.

How To Accept A Friend’s DraftKings Referral?

Accepting a friend’s DraftKings referral is straightforward. All the recipient needs to do is click on the referral link to open it, which will then take them to the user-friendly DraftKings Sportsbook sign-up page.

They should then fill in the required details to register, and once they have, they can make their first deposit of at least $25. It’s as easy as that!

And with promotional offers like betting $5 and potentially winning a bonus bet of $150, your friends can earn a lot of money right from the get-go.

If your friend prefers not to place a bet, they have the option of depositing a bonus amount of up to $1000. 

The great advantage of depositing an amount is that the bonus deposit automatically gives them a 20% match for up to $1000. However, they will have to lay down a hefty deposit of up to $5000 to significantly increase the total bonus amount. 

your friend should start small, with the above-mentioned $5 bet amount, until they better understand how the system works.

What Bonuses Do You Get for Referring to A Friend?

Even though bonuses are dependent on DraftKings’ current promotional campaign, referring to a friend is fantastic as you may be eligible for rewards like a free entry to a contest or a bonus cash amount.

And you can claim free bets which you can spend on any sport. However, these depend on how much your referred friend has deposited.

it’s essential to note that this system is part of the DraftKings Refer a Friend program which allows players and their referee specific free amounts to bet depending on the referred friend’s deposit. 

So, for instance, if your friend deposited $100 and used it to enter a contest or spent it in a game, you and your friend would receive a free sports bet of $100. And if your friend deposited between $50 and $99, you would both get a $50 free bet, and so on.

What Conditions Are There For Using Free Sports Bets?

Once you and your referred friends have received your free bets, you must use them within 30 days; otherwise, they will expire. Additionally, as the referrer for others, you can only refer up to 5 people or fewer overall.

Your referred friend cannot withdraw their deposit. Otherwise, the free bet will not be applicable; they must enter a contest with their deposit. 

The free bet itself can take up to 1 hour to reflect. However, it is usually immediate once said friend has been registered and has made a deposit.

The free bet will only work if your friend has used your referral link, and the friend you refer must be registering with DraftKings or DraftKings Sportsbook for the first time.

Additionally, you can’t convert or transfer the free bet to any other form of currency, whether in-game or real. 

Most importantly, the free bets are non-refundable and will be excluded from the overall winnings of any bet made.

Please note – DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports is illegal in the following states: Washington, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada. However, this is probably only temporary in these states as the state legislature concerning online gambling is always subject to change.


Now that we’ve cleared up the process behind DraftKings referrals, you and up to 5 friends will be able to make the most of your bets. Of course, this comes with the restrictions that they use the link you provided to register and that they have deposited at least $25.

After all, it’s easy, free, and takes less than an hour to do, so why not refer a friend, and liven up your DraftKings playing experience?

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